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Organizational Design

There are many situations that require organizations to adapt, change, or transform in order to not only survive - but thrive in a new or dynamic ecosystem or framework.


Today, organizations must consistently adapt to overcome challenges in effectivness, engage their people in generating solutions and design work environments that will optimize individual and organizational potential, while also retaining top talent.  

We start by diagnosing your Organization and Decision Effectiveness. We do that through our Organizational Health & Decision Health Audits. 

Whenever organizations restructure a line of business, service or product, change occurs. New competencies, structure, ways of thinking about the work, and communication patterns are needed. To stay ahead of the competition, companies need to be agile and learn to manage change effectively - implementing new practices, policies, systems, culture, business models and structures to meet shifting conditions and emergent needs.

S6 Partners can help you re-design functions, competencies and performance metrics to inspire and engage employees. We can also help you clearly communicate the organization's core values and manage the emotional side of change.


  • Aligned by simple structures and core processes

  • Structured around decisions

  • Align authority, accountability, and performance challenges

  • Lines of communication and approvals are simple and are mirrored from one division to the next


  • Based on world-class skills

  • High-Performance Organizations are world-class in at least one critical skill in their industry, e.g.:

    • Product Development

    • Logistics

    • Best-Cost Manufacturing

  • High-Performance Organizations exhibit superior process management skills, that in and of themselves become a source of competitive advantage.


  • Rejuvenated by well developed people systems

  • The CEO is the Chief Personnel Officer

  • The CEO interacts regularly with the entire leadership team, understands their individual development needs and goals, and leads staffing reviews.

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