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S6 Partners has been involved in all elements of the deal value chain, from screening to project management and through transaction integration.


A disciplined approach to the acquisition process is vital to ensure success. This seems obvious but too often it is ignored. When they are, the cost is enormous to shareholders and other stakeholders of the firms involved.

S6 Partners brings the discipline, experience, tools and processes to the deal to ensure that the process is comprehensive, disciplined and successful.


  • Deal Thesis - Develop a clear understanding of the opportunities associated with a potential M&A along with an understanding of the strategy. ​

  • Project Management - S6 Partners acts as the project manager throughout the M&A cycle.

  • Due Diligence - S6 Partners will be responsible for an exhaustive and complete due diligence to ensure that all questions are answered. 

  • Structure / Organizational Design - S6 Partners will engineer the appropriate organizational structure that will match the business strategy and Maximize Business Value.

  • Financial Modeling - All prospective financial models will be prepared by S6 Partners working in conjunction with the key stakeholders involved in the transaction.

  • Valuations & Recasts - As part of due diligence and financial modeling, S6 Partners will perform valuations and financial recasts for the surviving business.

  • Merger Side Services - Integration & Execution - S6 Partners will work with business to develop the optimal integration of combined businesses assets. Additionaly, S6 Partners will participate with client through execution of transaction.

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