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"The availability of analytic data has propelled marketing forward in many ways, helping to identify patterns and behaviors that can shape marketing messages as well as improve product development.

The only problem with focusing on analytics is that it is easy to mistake the algorithm for the person – and not everything about human beings can be reduced to a number or predicted by a set of data points."

This article appeared on the Forbes website. 

"Today’s marketers can’t succeed without the new technological and analytic tools; the tools offer insights that simply weren’t available in the past. But marketers also need a holistic view of the people they are trying to reach, in order to forge emotional connections.

In a survey of marketers at 436 companies in the US and Canada, we compared the leaders—those who were increasing sales and market share—to the laggards, who were losing sales and share. The leaders were three times as likely to use data in their decisions. And they were twice as likely to own their own creative capabilities, the ultimate source of great stories and memorable messages"

This article appeared on the Bain & Company website. 

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